At least you aren’t in Connecticut.

According to proposed rules just released by the State of Connecticut, applications could run as high as $100,000, the state is only required to issue one dispensary license for the entire state, and applicants have to be licensed pharmacists. Cultivation centers (separate from dispensaries) have to place $2 million dollars in an escrow account directly accessible by the state if the business runs into problems. Both dispensaries and cultivation centers have to submit detailed business plans with their applications.

That’s a lot of money and work to go break federal law! The irony here is that participants in that system will have all the same protections against federal law enforcement as we have here in Montana – exactly none.

Kind of makes you think Montana isn’t such a bad environment, especially with the injunction now in effect.

And it makes you wonder what our government might do if they ever realize they could tax the cultivation and sale of marijuana here.




4 Responses to “Think Running a Marijuana Business is Tough in Montana?”

  1. patpardis says:

    I’m not sure I expect to see prohibitionists won over by sound arguments. They will eventually see that there is government revenue to be made from it, and the greed will win over the need to prohibit such a silly thing.

  2. KarenT. says:

    Don’t say it out loud.

  3. eebee says:

    be careful, they will smell the revenue

  4. charles says:

    it seems they have made it so no one but their rich buddies can go into business, thats a shitload of cash to go break federal law and loose,here in mt there is lots of people that thought they were doing right ,but that doesnt matter to a bearaucrat,they get paid from our tax dollars either way,self rightous hypocrites all,just trying to justify there existance [less crimes equals less crime fighters]if we ended the drug war tomorrow just think of all the jobless cops,they would need to get real jobs that produce something for the good of all ,instead of feeding the prison industrial complex,that is unconstitutional.

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