Posted By on Sep 17, 2015

Dear Members: The Montana Supreme Court has scheduled a court date on November 4, 2015, at 9:30 a.m. in the Courtroom of the Montana Supreme Court, Joseph P. Mazurek Justice Building, Helena, Montana. The purpose of the court date is to hear oral arguments that will ultimately determine whether our permanent injunctions against SB 423 will remain in place. The Attorney General’s office will argue that the injunctions should be...

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Dear Members: As some of you are aware, we are still mired down in the legal battle to keep medical marijuana available for patients with debilitating illnesses in Montana. MTCIA has been at the forefront of this war since the 2011 legislature overturned the voter-passed ballot initiative that legalized marijuana for medical use in Montana. For the second time in 2 years our legal team is preparing to send arguments for permanent...

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Posted By on Jun 4, 2015

Dear Members: Last evening, two very important board resolutions were passed by the MTCIA Board of Directors. The first Board Resolution stated, “MTCIA and it’s subordinate chapters shall support, fund and actively pursue a ballot referendum for a workable medical marijuana law in Montana  for the voters to decide upon in 2016″. This resolution became the only avenue available for the beleaguered medical marijuana...

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Posted By on May 27, 2015

Dear Members: There has been a renewed interest in organizational participation among MTCIA’s members since the legislature rejected our last-ditch effort toward fixing the convoluted marijuana law bestowed upon us in 2011. Several members are interested in establishing their own chapters of MTCIA in areas that are not convenient for meetings by the main board of directors. The protocol for establishing a MTCIA Chapter requires...

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Dear Members: Once again, the medical cannabis industry in Montana stands at a crossroad poised to take a new direction. Over the past three legislative sessions, our Republican lawmakers have demonstrated their unwillingness to work with the cannabis industry toward fixing any of the problems associated with SB 423. Instead, they are forcing our industry into the court system by appealing Judge Reynolds’ decision to uphold the...

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Posted By on Mar 28, 2015

Dear Members: For the third consecutive session, the Montana Legislature has killed the medical cannabis industry’s attempt at fixing the convoluted, schizophrenic marijuana law that was inflicted on us by the 2011 Legislature. SB 406, sponsored by State Senator Robyn Driscoll, D-Billings, was killed on a party line vote on Thursday, March 26. That action forces the issue into the appeal process before the Montana Supreme Court....

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