All of those who have served as providers to Montana’s medical marijuana patients for the past five years have been able to do so because of the ongoing lawsuit forwarded by the MTCIA. This effort has been sustained and funded by Montana providers who know that in order to succeed we must work together.

Please join us in this historic effort.

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You can send a check to: MTCIA, 175 Hutton Ranch Rd 103, Kalispell, MT 59901


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The MTCIA believes that those who financially benefit from the cannabis movement should be those who primarily financially support it. However, citizens and medical marijuana patients who care about access to medical marijuana in Montana are also welcome to participate and support our political efforts.

Ways to Help

To help with the MTCIA lawsuit to sustain medical marijuana access in Montana, you can contribute directly to the MTCIA using our PayPal account or sending your contribution to MTCIA, 175 Hutton Ranch Rd 103, Kalispell, MT 59901

To help with our effort to pass a new, accountable and responsible medical marijuana law in November you can donate directly to the Yes on I-182 campaign here.