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May 2011

SB423 Referendum Petition Update

As most of you now know, the language for the referendum to stop SB 423 from going into effect must be approved by the Secretary of State, Montana Legislative Services, and the Attorney General’s Office. The Secretary of State had approved the language and sent the petition on to Legislative Services. As a result of its review, Legislative Services has returned the language to the MTCIA with their concerns, which was an expected and anticipated part of the process. Not only [...]

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Montana Medical Marijuana Advocates Slam Sen. Essmann’s Editorial as Fantasy

The Montana Cannabis Industry Association (MTCIA) responded today to an editorial in the Billings Gazette by Senator Jeff Essman. In it, Essman said it was “marijuana millionaires” behind the challenge to the new medical marijuana law that dismantles marijuana businesses and requires cannabis patients to secure marijuana through a person who will provide it for free. “Senator Essman is backed by millions of dollars provided by the interests of pharmaceutical companies and private prisons,” said MTCIA board member, Kate Cholewa. “He’s [...]

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MTCIA Mixer in Bozeman, Friday June 3rd

Please join MTCIA board members in Bozeman on Friday June 3rd to hear the latest about the lawsuit and petition, and raise much needed funds to continue our efforts. When: Friday, June 3, 7:00pm - 10:00pm Where: Eagles Club 316 East Main Street, Bozeman, MT There will be guest speakers, and live music to be announced.  

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SB 423 Lawsuit Update, Timeline

In the last 24 hours: Our attorneys requested and received a change of judge. Judge Reynolds will now decide the case. The advertising ban restraining order hearing was combined with the main complaint. So, it is in effect at least until the hearing. The schedule was settled; the hearing will last two days, June 20th and 21st. Funds are needed to continue the legal fight. Please donate today by clicking the donate button on our website, or sending a check to: [...]

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Thank You, Billings

Over 100 Montanans from Billings and the surrounding area attended an MTCIA mixer and fundraiser tonight. Energy was high as the crowd learned from MTCIA board members about how we got here, what's happening next with the lawsuit and petition campaign, and how much help is still needed. Over $9000 was raised to support the MTCIA's work to prevent SB 423 from full implementation. It is estimated that the lawsuit alone could generate over $200,000 in legal expenses. Upcoming events in [...]

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SB 423 Medical Marijuana Lawsuit – Next Steps

Many people have been asking us what to expect from the lawsuit. Here is a brief timeline of upcoming steps in the process: On Monday, May 23rd, a telephone conference between the judge, the state, and our side will discuss scheduling. On the table is whether to deal with the advertising ban restraining order at the same time the main complaint, or separate from it.  If the issues are to be heard separately, the advertising ban hearing will be on Friday [...]

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MTCIA Mixer and Fundraiser in Billings this Saturday, May 21. (UPDATE)

Come get informed about the current efforts to preserve access to medical cannabis in Montana.  Three MTCIA board members – John Masterson, Ed Docter, and Kate Cholewa – will be there on Saturday, May 21 in Billings to fundraise, network, and exchange information with the local community regarding the lawsuit, referendum, injunction, and other pressing matters. UPDATE: A welcome addition had been added to the schedule for this Saturday's fundraiser and mixer. Representative Robyn Driscoll of Billings will address the group [...]

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MTCIA Welcomes Sen. Wanzenried at Missoula Event

Wind was banging on the vendors' awnings at Caras Park in Missoula. Around 200 people showed up for the MTCIA cannabis information event. It was a good news night. We got our restraining order. The ban on advertising is a no-go. Keep up your signs and the constitution gets another night's sleep. Three elected officials addressed the crowd. Missoula city council member Cynthia Wolken who is currently running for city council said it's time to tax and regulate. Missoula Representative Ellie [...]

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Restraining Order Approved – Advertising Is Still Legal

We've just been informed that a judge signed our attorney's request for a temporary restraining order. We have succeeded in delaying implementation and enforcement of Section 20 of SB 423, which completely prohibited all forms of advertising of marijuana and marijuana-related products and was scheduled to go into effect at midnight tonight. A followup hearing is scheduled later this month.

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Acknowledging Challenges And Moving On

The Montana Cannabis Industry Association accepted Nathan Pierce's resignation on May 6 upon learning that he had unresolved legal issues previously thought to be dismissed. The action was immediate in order not to distract from the collective mission to protect the medical cannabis program in Montana and stop the devastation that would be caused by SB 423. Pierce used skills he cultivated with the Builders' Association to create association documents such as bylaws and articles of incorporation back in February. After [...]

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Referendum Proposal Submitted to Secretary of State to Allow Voters to Judge Legislature’s Marijuana “Repeal in Disguise”

The Montana Cannabis Industry Association (MTCIA) has submitted to the Secretary of State a referendum proposal to give voters an opportunity to judge the Legislature’s medical marijuana “repeal in disguise,” the group announced. If enough voters sign an approved petition, SB 423 will appear on the 2012 general election ballot for voters to either reject or endorse.  A sufficient number of petition signatures would nullify SB 423 in the meantime, MTCIA reported. “Montana voters are rightly offended by the Legislature’s actions [...]

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MTCIA Attorney Moves to Block SB 423 Advertising Ban

In the interest of our members, MTCIA attorney James Goetz has delivered a letter to the Montana Department of Justice (DOJ) requesting an agreement that the state of Montana refrain from enforcing the advertising ban in SB 423 until the implementation date of other provisions of the bill, June 30. Goetz has requested a response from the DOJ by noon tomorrow, Thursday, May 12. If the state does not agree to refrain from enforcing the ban on advertising, Goetz immediately will [...]

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Cannabis Industry Mixer – Missoula, Fri May 13th

This Friday in Missoula the Montana Cannabis Industry Association will be hosting an informational / fundraising event. This event will be held at Caras Park downtown from 5:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. We will be introducing the MTCIA board, speaking on topics concerning SB423 and the current state of our industry. There will be guest speakers including Sen. David Wanzenried. Vendors will be offering food, beer, and other sundries. For booth or general info please call board member Ed Docter at: [...]

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Enormous Statewide Support for Medical Marijuana Patients, And Against SB 423

Emphasizing that they are overwhelmed by the statewide outpouring of support from patients and their friends and caregivers over the past few days, the leaders of the Montana Cannabis Industry Association (MTCIA) today announced they have hired Bozeman attorney Jim Goetz to help them fight for patients’ rights if SB 423 takes effect later this week. “The people of Montana aren’t going to take the decimation of Montana’s medical marijuana law lying down,” said Kate Cholewa, MTCIA Board member.  “And people [...]

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Montana Cannabis Industry Association Launches Unified Defense Against SB 423

YOUR HELP IS NEEDED, TODAY! We’ve got a short time frame to do it, but we must stop SB 423 from being implemented and destroying access to medical cannabis in Montana. The Montana Cannabis Industry Association (MCIA) will secure the services of attorney Jim Goetz of Bozeman who has experience with cannabis cases and experience winning a constitutional case in the United States Supreme Court. He’s a “big gun.” When Montanans see his name, they’ll know we are serious and we [...]

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