MTCIA Welcomes Sen. Wanzenried at Missoula Event

Wind was banging on the vendors’ awnings at Caras Park in Missoula. Around 200 people showed up for the MTCIA cannabis information event. It was a good news night. We got our restraining order. The ban on advertising is a no-go. Keep up your signs and the constitution gets another night’s sleep. Three elected officials addressed the crowd.

Missoula city council member Cynthia Wolken who is currently running for city council said it’s time to tax and regulate.

Missoula Representative Ellie Hill reminded us: We are the majority. She said she wants to be first to sign the referendum.

Then, it was Senator Dave Wanzenried‘s turn. Senator Wanzenried is running for Governor. He’s the senator who got caregiver-to-caregiver put on SB 423 at one point in the game. He pointed out how many different, stupid ideas were called “what the voters wanted.”

We raised some cash. People felt good.



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