SB 423 Medical Marijuana Lawsuit – Next Steps

Many people have been asking us what to expect from the lawsuit. Here is a brief timeline of upcoming steps in the process:

On Monday, May 23rd, a telephone conference between the judge, the state, and our side will discuss scheduling. On the table is whether to deal with the advertising ban restraining order at the same time the main complaint, or separate from it.  If the issues are to be heard separately, the advertising ban hearing will be on Friday May 27th.

Otherwise, all the constitutional arguments (including the advertising ban) will be considered in a hearing to be scheduled during the week of June 6th or 13th. (We should know the day and time by the end of Monday.)

After the hearing, the judge will have up to two weeks to issue a decision, which may be to strike all, or parts, or none of SB 423 prior to its implementation date of July 1st.

If we don’t like the decision, and have the funds to continue fighting, there will be an opportunity for appeal.


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