Referendum Proposal Submitted to Secretary of State to Allow Voters to Judge Legislature’s Marijuana “Repeal in Disguise”

Posted By on May 13, 2011 | 8 comments

The Montana Cannabis Industry Association (MTCIA) has submitted to the Secretary of State a referendum proposal to give voters an opportunity to judge the Legislature’s medical marijuana “repeal in disguise,” the group announced.

If enough voters sign an approved petition, SB 423 will appear on the 2012 general election ballot for voters to either reject or endorse.  A sufficient number of petition signatures would nullify SB 423 in the meantime, MTCIA reported.

“Montana voters are rightly offended by the Legislature’s actions on medical marijuana, because SB 423 is going to hurt patients severely and intentionally,” said Kate Cholewa of MTCIA.  “Rather than work constructively with patients, growers and law enforcement to fix the law, legislators repealed it completely and imposed instead an scheme that is designed not to work at all as voters intended,” she reported.

The terms of the new law are “so severe that even the most seriously ill patients will find it difficult if not impossible to obtain physician recommendations, and those who do will find it nearly impossible to maintain a reliable supply of medical-grade cannabis because of the new law’s radical and nonsensical constraints on growing procedures,” she said.

Cholewa explained that SB 423 requires doctors to pay the costs of being investigated for every recommendation made to more than 25 patients; requires pain patients to see two doctors and undergo costly testing procedures if they lack proof of their pain’s etiology; requires providers to produce marijuana completely for free to patients regardless of cost, and to provide their fingerprints to the FBI and Department of Justice; and “believe it or not, the Legislature even deliberately refused to provide a legal way for patients and providers to obtain cannabis seeds and plants,” Cholewa emphasized.

Now that MTCIA has submitted its referendum proposal to the Secretary of State, the Legislative Services Division and Attorney General will conduct the required review and approval processes before signature-gathering can begin.



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  1. woo-hoo!!! time to get busy!

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  2. We all need to stick together and we will win this

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  3. when and were do I sign this needs to be stopped

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  4. From the darkest shadows and the blackest alleys They come First there was a few then there was many. They have been watching and learning from the darkness. The mistakes of the sixties and seventy will not be repeated. Learn their system and laws we do. To use it against them. The Witch hunts are over. The lies revealed and truth to prevail.

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  5. Thank you people (MCIA) for organizing. Keep cannabis in the hands of the people for all it’s amazing diversity of miracle and otherwise uses. I am one who thinks Montana’s Medical Marijuana Program was a great success. Period. This success made some powerful interests nervous.

    I imagine that to get sb423 where it is today, took more where-with-all, than the MT representatives on display have in this years legislature. There is no way Essman, Milburn, Sands, and cronies could come up with something that could be effective on their own. There is mos def some buying and selling going on and it is not weed that is being traded… or is it? These MT reps, have not the intelligence, education, or scope to do what they have gotten done, by bulling sb423 to where it is. Doesn’t take much to wonder what is really going on. This fight is with much more powerful forces than the migration of reps to this years legislation and a few poser teabaggers. This battle is with some well organized and substantially backed monsters.

    This is not a small battle, but of a David and Goliath proportion.

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  6. i beleive that the strong have to stand for the weak that don’t have the time of money to fight this, lets get the signing done…we all need work together and fight this with a we can do attitued. James Robison darby MT,

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  7. Just a quick reminder that you must be a registered voter in order to sign the referendum. Store owners should all have voter registration forms available for their patients to sign. And, yes, felons are also eligible to vote. If we get all the carded patients to sign the referendum, we may not need as many people to hit the streets to gather signatures.

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  8. the roll of government is to protect us from each other,
    NOT to protect us from OURSELFS…

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