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Urgent Update: Get your patients to fill out the form to make you a provider NOW. The judge’s opinion regarding the injunction against SB 423 preserves the right for patients to obtain their cannabis from professional growers rather than having to grow it themselves or find someone who will grow it for them for free. However, there’s a glitch. A part of the law that goes into effect tomorrow requires that if you are providing medical marijuana to patients YOU MUST [...]

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The Petition is Ready – Now Hold Your Horses

Originally from the Montana NORML blog: Great news: Montana’s Attorney General and Secretary of State have approved the petition to block SB-423 and refer it to a vote of the people in 2012. Signature gathering will not begin immediately. A few years back, the process of collecting signatures became a lot more complicated (28-page PDF). For example: Signature gatherers must be Montana residents Signature gatherers may not be paid anything of value based on the number of signatures gathered Each printed [...]

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The MTCIA Represents Access

 Some have expressed that they believe the word “industry” in this organization’s name doesn’t serve the cause. Some feel it makes it sound as though the group is all about business and money, rather than patients. Also, the fact that the group openly discusses the impact of the new law on Montana jobs also has led some to critique that it makes the group look money-oriented rather than patient-oriented. It is true that we are stepping forward as a representative of [...]

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Billings MTCIA Event: Group Shares Food, Drink, as We All Wait

And now, there’s three days. What tension. We’ve been pulled pretty taut these last six months, yes? Yesterday, Ed Docter, Pat Pardis, and Kate Cholewa from the MTCIA board rolled into Billings for a fundraiser and Battle of the Bands. Thanks to James Haney, Mort Ried, Kathleen Shannon, and Jude Mendonza for local organizing and coordination. Thanks again to Misty Carey for generating printed materials. It was great to get together but there was also a pervasive sense of gravity and [...]

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Thank You Missoula, Butte, & Now We Wait on Injunction

Many thanks go out to those who organized the Missoula MTCIA fundraiser. Special thanks to Rose Habib for on-the-ground organizing, and to Terry Betschart and Gabe McMurray for their donation of silent auction items. We also received the anonymous donation of a grow tent for auction. (MTCIA board member Ed Docter did a pretty hilarious job in the role of auctioneer). Thank you out there, anonymous one. Belated thanks to Butte, too, who by all accounts put together a Butte-style, rock [...]

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Final Day of Hearing on SB 423 Injunction

There’s what’s going on in the courtroom and there is also a lot of documents submitted to the judge from both sides that are part of the case. Reading material, you might say. I believe the judge will read them. All of it factors into Judge Reynolds’ opinion. The feeling in the air is that the severability issue will come into play with this court decision. Some provisions of SB 423 will be allowed to go into effect, some won’t. But [...]

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Statewide Conference Call, Wednesday June 22 7:30

Update: The call was great. You can listen to a replay until June 30th here.   Wednesday, June 22nd, MTCIA board members will host a statewide public conference call for all interested parties to talk about: - lawsuit reflections and anticipated results - referendum planning - fundraising (and spending) - etc To submit your questions in advance, email: The call-in info is as follows:   When: Wednesday 6-22, 7:30PM Mountain Time Number: 712-432-0900 Access Code: 161228# We are expecting hundreds [...]

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SB 423: Let the Law be on Trial, Not Us

Crazy assertions today in the Bozeman Chronicle, huh? Is this what public discourse has come to, just making things up and having reporters relay it to the community without question?  The article reported that crime has increased in 78 percent of the state’s jurisdictions since medical marijuana became legal in Montana.  A report published by the Montana Board of Crime Control says the crime rate is at the lowest in 32 years. For accurate stats on crime in Montana, click here. [...]

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MTCIA thanks Kalispell and gears up for Court

Thanks to everyone who turned out for the mixer/fundraiser in Kalispell on Saturday night. The team there -  Ian, Jimmy, Tara, Dani, and Roger - put together good food and good music for the evening. The band, Monkey and the Roast Beef Sandwich, will also be playing at the first ever Marijuana Aid: CANNAFEST DESTINY on July 23 at Ryan Creek Meadows. For more information on CANNAFEST DESTINY, contact Ed Docter ( Next stop, Missoula on Thursday, June 23 at the [...]

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MTCIA Mixer in Kalispell June 11

On Saturday, June 11th, the MTCIA will hold another informational mixer and fundraiser for anyone interested in preserving the legal cannabis industry in Montana. Where: F.O.E. Kalispell 37 1st Street West Kalispell, MT 59901 When: Saturday, June 11, 7PM Meet your neighbors and hear the latest news about the referendum and the lawsuit. And bring your checkbook to invest in the fight to prevent SB 423 from becoming law! Respond on Facebook here.  

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MTCIA Holds Successful Events in Bozeman and Helena, Kalispell Next

Supporters of voters’ rights, patients, economic justice, and common sense gathered in two communities this weekend at MTCIA fundraisers and mixers. Friday night in Bozeman, diverse voices addressed the group, including Bozeman mayor, Jeff Krauss, who expressed his dismay at the state legislature dismantling their local medical cannabis regulation system. Bozeman figured out how to make medical marijuana work in their community. Too bad the state refused to learn from them. Jim Gingery of the Montana Medical Growers Association (MMGA) addressed [...]

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MTCIA Statewide Public Forum

On Thursday, June 2nd, from 7-8PM, MTCIA will host a free public telephone call-in forum for patients, caregivers, media and the general public to attend. The format will consist of pre-submitted questions from the public being answered by MTCIA board members, followed by a live Q&A. To join the call, dial: 605-475-4800 When prompted, enter access code: 859198# To pre-submit your questions for the MTCIA Board, visit: Questions will be collected until 4PM Thursday.

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