MTCIA thanks Kalispell and gears up for Court

Thanks to everyone who turned out for the mixer/fundraiser in Kalispell on Saturday night. The team there –  Ian, Jimmy, Tara, Dani, and Roger – put together good food and good music for the evening. The band, Monkey and the Roast Beef Sandwich, will also be playing at the first ever Marijuana Aid: CANNAFEST DESTINY on July 23 at Ryan Creek Meadows. For more information on CANNAFEST DESTINY, contact Ed Docter (

Next stop, Missoula on Thursday, June 23 at the Double Tree Inn, 100 Madison. But there’s much that will happen between now and then. The hearing for the injunction we filed against SB 423 going into effect will be heard on June 20 and June 21, next week. We may not have our answer yet from the judge, but there’s sure to be much to talk about at the Missoula event. Let’s make it a big one.

The injunction is just the beginning. The medical cannabis patients, farmers, and businesses of Montana went to the legislature looking for regulations to support the new system in a way that worked for communities. What we got was thinly veiled repeal.


We’re standing up to a history of nonsense, waste, and destructiveness. There’s much to do and many have done so much. If you’re out there and you haven’t had a chance to pitch in, please do. Contribute to the mtcia to help out with attorney costs and collect emails from your friends who would like to be on the mtcia email list in order to keep up with this never-dull unfolding story.

The MTCIA mixer/fundraiser is open to the public.

 Join us:

Thursday, June 23 · 6:00pm – 10:00pm
Double Tree Inn 100 Madison Missoula, MT 59802

6–7 meet and greet
7-8 lawsuit info and industry updates
8 fundraiser
8:30 – 10 mixer / networking

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