SB 423: Let the Law be on Trial, Not Us

Crazy assertions today in the Bozeman Chronicle, huh? Is this what public discourse has come to, just making things up and having reporters relay it to the community without question?  The article reported that crime has increased in 78 percent of the state’s jurisdictions since medical marijuana became legal in Montana.  A report published by the Montana Board of Crime Control says the crime rate is at the lowest in 32 years. For accurate stats on crime in Montana, click here.

We have a big week ahead of us. On Saturday, June 18, in Butte, there’s an all day fest and MTCIA fundraiser. Stop by and talk to gubenatorial candidate Dave Wanzenried.  If you’re in the Missoula area, come visit the MTCIA information table at the Love Your Mother Earth Festival on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.

Then, on Monday and Tuesday, we go to court and make our case for an injunction against SB 423. MTCIA will be tweeting from the courtroom. More info to come on how to follow the deliberations. Our attorney is hoping for a quiet courtroom (low to no attendence) – we want the law to be on trial, not advocates. It’s been a way the opposition has played the issue for a long time. Since it’s difficult to prove cannabis is dangerous, they try to make the patients, businesses, and supporters seem like the danger.

Let’s not distract the judge or reporters. Let’s simply not provide the opportunity to comment on us. Let Goetz do his job. Let the focus be on the real issue: SB 423 is riddled with unconstitutional provisions and there are citizens who will suffer irreparable harm should the law be allowed to go into effect.

 We’re down to the wire. Two weeks to d-day.

Put on your calendar, too, fundraisers in Missoula, June 23,  and Billings, June 26. There will be much to discuss.  




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