Urgent Update: Get your patients to fill out the form to make you a provider NOW.

The judge’s opinion regarding the injunction against SB 423 preserves the right for patients to obtain their cannabis from professional growers rather than having to grow it themselves or find someone who will grow it for them for free.

However, there’s a glitch. A part of the law that goes into effect tomorrow requires that if you are providing medical marijuana to patients YOU MUST BE A REGISTERED PROVIDER WITH THE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES (DPHHS). At midnight tonight, there is no such thing as a caregiver. Your registration as a “caregiver” means nothing. YOU MUST BECOME A PROVIDER IMMEDIATELY.

So cancel your plans and get in your car and GET YOURSELF LEGAL AND PROTECTED IMMEDIATELY.

To what degree this will work is uncertain, but a show of intention to be legal and in compliance can encourage the fast development of a process to keep the system moving smoothly.

DPHHS, 2401 Colonial Drive, Helena. Ask to register as a provider. Check their website for the form, and if it appears, as the website claims, fill it out and get it in immediately.

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