Month: July 2011

Medical Cannabis Update For Probationers

July 15, 2011

Upon hearing from so many of you affected by SB 423’s ban on people on probation from participating in the state medical marijuana program, MTCIA contacted the Goetz Law Firm to request a document asserting that provision’s unconstitutionality. Many department of corrections employees probably realize the moral and legal aspects involved in aggressively enforcing their Read More »

Important Information for Providers from the MTCIA

July 13, 2011 News

Many have asked the question: Does the paperwork I turned in to become a provider cover me legally to do business until my provider card arrives? According to the letter of the law, the answer is no. Caregivers no longer exist and until you get your provider card from the state, according to the letter Read More »

Training Update for Referendum to Stop SB 423

July 11, 2011

The referendum campaign is being directed by Patients for Reform, Not Repeal.  Rose Habib is coordinating the training effort. There are over 1000 people signed up to get the training to collect signatures. Training is happening in waves. Districts captains are just receiving their training now. District captains in each region will be contacting volunteers Read More »

MTCIA Responds to (the latest) Rumor

July 8, 2011

We’ve heard a rumor. The MTCIA has changed course (flip-flopped is the word we’re hearing) and is now pushing for marijuana legalization. The truth: In Montana, medical marijuana is permitted for qualified patients. However, that right means nothing for qualified patients if there’s no way to access the cannabis. The MTCIA is working on behalf Read More »

Billings City Council Brings Government Repression to the Local Level

July 7, 2011

 First we have the federal government repressing research on cannabis while patenting one of its active ingredients,  CBD. The feds continue to be very protective of their “ace the hole” – marijuana prohibition – to lock up nonviolent, ordinary citizens, as needed. In Montana, they’ve busted down doors and pointed guns at children to protect Read More »

SB423 and Patients on Probation

July 2, 2011

SB 423, our new medical marijuana law in Montana, prohibits individuals  under the supervision of the department of corrections from being registered cardholders. This was one of several onerous provisions of the bill that our lawsuit sought to have enjoined. While were victorious on many levels, the judge did not agree to that particular portion Read More »

MTCIA Still Working for Clarity Following Ruling

July 1, 2011

Urgent Update: Get your patients to fill out the form to make you a provider NOW. Updated 12:27 pm Need help understanding process to switch patients from you as “caregiver” to “provider”? MTCIA member Bob Cypers is willing to help: 406- 459-3104 A message from Bob: Morning all, I’m more that happy to answer any Read More »

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