MTCIA Hits the Road with Patients for Reform Not Repeal, & A Thanks to Kalispell

MTCIA board member Ed Docter took to the road this week with Rose Habib, petition coordinator for Patients for Reform Not Repeal. From Kalispell to Billings with stops in between, Rose trained more than a 150 captains on the specifics on how to do signature gathering. These captains will now train others.

Many thanks to our friends in the Flathead who hosted an MTCIA fundraiser while Ed and Rose were in town. Thanks to on-the-ground organizers Ian Baker, James Blair, Tara Bloomquist, and Dani Deleon. Thanks to the Bandit Bar and the town of Columbia Falls. Congratulations to 20 Grang who won the Battle of the Bands.

Thanks to all those, too, who turned out for the trainings.

In fact, thanks to everyone – the patients who can relate their experience, people who know how to make a business work, people with the ability to open doors and smooth ways, people who can build technical and administrative infrastructures, people who provide resources to fuel the engine, people who know the science, can keep track of things, interpret law, create materials, provide artistic talents, strategize, bridge-build, coordinate, enter data, read situations, or calm nerves – people who see the work that needs to be done and brings their particular gifts to the effort.

And thanks to the people who grow quality cannabis.

The patients, the farmers, the workforce, their families, and supporting citizenry – this group courageously stands in what’s true against an institutional lie. We’ve been beat back, lied to, lied about, and betrayed. But we know the truth. And the commitment and work ethic and determination of this humanitarian and economic effort is what the story of America is about.

Okay, it’s sappy. But it’s also true.

And there are no guarantees.

There is only forward, for those cutting the trail.

We are many.

Mark your calendar:

Cannafest Destiny – sure to be historic – July 23, 2011

Bitterroot Battle of the bands MTCIA fundraiser/FleaMarket, July 30, 2011

Get on board with the petition

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