Patients for Reform, Not Repeal Press Conference Today, & Other News

Today, Patients for Reform, Not Repeal are rolling out their campaign. A press conference is scheduled for 11 a.m. at the Capitol. Signature gatherers are already on the streets. Make sure to sign and watch the news tonight for press conference coverage.

In other news, medical cannabis providers in Billings are suing the city over the ban on cannabis storefronts. The ban was made by emergency ordinance. “The lawsuit alleges that there was no emergency as defined by city codes…emergencies are medical, law enforcement emergencies or urgent matters created as a result of fires, floods or natural disasters. Uniformly, an emergency is a serious unexpected and often dangerous situation.”

None of this was the case in Billings.

Meanwhile, politicians who characterized medical cannabis farmers and patients as scourges and causes of the fall of society are now singing a new tune. They’re claiming the purpose of the unconstitutional, repeal-in-disguise SB 423 was to protect Montana cannabis business from federal law enforcement. Right. Maybe they’re feeling a little embarressed over their lousy legislation and are trying to rewrite history.

The weather forecast for Saturday at Ryan Creek Meadows is 80 degrees and sunny. Be there for Marijuana Aid 2011.

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