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September 2011

MTCIA Thanks Congressional Delegation & Looks Forward to More Dialogue

The MTCIA would like to thank the Montana delegation for standing up for the 2nd amendment rights of the citizens of Montana who use medical marijuana. We greatly appreciate your recognizing and objecting to the trampling of Montanans’ and Americans’ 2nd amendment rights.  We hope our delegation can continue to participate in the conversation here in Montana about the ways in which federal drug policies have trampled on citizens’ rights. In Montana, peoples’ lives have been saved, their health improved or [...]

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MTCIA Shocked by Memo Suspending Gun Rights for Medical Cannabis Patients

(from Chris Lindsey) The MTCIA was shocked to receive a memo written by the Department of Justice addressed to individuals and companies who sell firearms.  The memo states in no uncertain terms that according to the Department of Justice, it is illegal for people who are listed as medical marijuana patients to own a gun or ammo. Thus, with a stroke of a pen, the Department of Justice has suspended the 2nd Amendment for those use medical cannabis. In fact, the [...]

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MTCIA Reports on Wheeler Conference

  It was an interesting week for marijuana in Montana. It seems it finally penetrated the public conversation that SB 423 created a mess. At both the interim committee on Children, Families, Health and Human Services meeting and the Wheeler conference, it was clear that denying access to medical cannabis didn’t impact cannabis use, it only served to increase the number of people you can incarcerate.  It is a step in the right direction to have institutions such as the Wheeler [...]

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MTCIA Reports on Children and Families Interim Committee Meeting

On Monday, September 19, the Children and Families Interim Committee met and spent 45 minutes of the meeting on the medical marijuana program. The agenda included presentations by legislative staff, Sue O’Connell; Roy Kemp who administers the medical marijuana registry at the Department of Health and Human Services (DPHHS); and Kate Cholewa of the Montana Cannabis Industry Association. There is a link to the audio of the meeting here. Representative Diane Sands also reported on her trip to Washington, D.C. and [...]

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MTCIA Reminder of this Week’s Events

Tomorrow, Monday, September 19, the Children and Families Interim Committee meets at 9 a.m in room 137, at the Capitol in Helena. They will discuss the medical marijuana program from 9:05 a.m. - 9:40 a.m. Go here to watch or listen online. Then, Monday evening, The Wheeler Conference begins. The conference, “Medical Marijuana: Thoughtful Questions, Responsible Answers”, will be held at the Red Lion Colonial in Helena. The cost for the conference is $35.00 and includes breakfast and lunch on the 20th. Their objective [...]

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MTCIA Update on Fingerprint Requirement

SB423 includes no shortage of offensive requirements for medical marijuana program participants.  Of recent concern is the requirement that providers submit their fingerprints to the FBI and US Department of Justice and, in effect, risk self-incrimination despite the guarantees in the US and Montana Constitutions.  The MTCIA has been consulting with attorneys and DPHHS in search of a solution.  We explored the prospect of legal action as well as changes to the administrative process to avoid identification of providers. Under the [...]

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Important Information from the MTCIA Regarding the Fingerprinting Requirement in SB 423

Many providers have received fingerprint kits in the mail. The new law requires that all providers submit fingerprints by Oct 1. But once again, poor crafting in the new law is resulting in procedural complications in some counties. Given that fingerprints are run against a federal database, the provision also raises 5th amendment concerns (the right to not self-incriminate) given that the federal government does not recognize the medical use and distribution of marijuana. The MTCIA is in discussions with DPHHS [...]

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MTCIA Encourages Participation at Two Upcoming Conferences

Mark your calendars for two upcoming conferences. One takes place here in Montana and one in L.A. The Wheeler Conference takes place on Monday evening and Tuesday, September 19 and 20. The Burton K. Wheeler Center for Public Policy in Bozeman, MT, promotes the discussion, analysis and eventual resolution of critical issues facing Montana and the region. The Center holds two conferences annually. The topic of their upcoming conference is medical cannabis. The conference, "Medical Marijuana: Thoughtful Questions, Responsible Answers", will [...]

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MTCIA Dispels Rumor, Reminds Providers of Deadline, and Wishes a Happy Hempfest to All

Hempfest is happening today in Missoula at Cara Park under the bridge. MTCIA President Ed Docter will speak at 4 p.m. The MTCIA is sponsoring the after-party at the Top Hat at 10 pm. $5 at the door. Music by Last International and Voodoo Horseshoes. Giveaways. And now a little business - A rumor that’s been floating around is that the injunction on SB 423 secured by MTCIA attorney Jim Goetz expires on September 30. This is not true. If signature [...]

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MTCIA Rundown on Legal Challenges to Medical Cannabis Laws & Enforcement in MT

(from Chris Lindsey) There are several cases underway that affect Montana’s medical Cannabis community.  The main case, the one run through Jim Goetz’s office, is being financed by the MTCIA.  Others are private actions in different parts of the state, but are key cases for the community and we are watching them closely.  Here is a quick summary. 1.      The MTCIA’s case to challenge the constitutionality of SB423 continues.  Late in June, Judge Reynolds declared that several provisions including [...]

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