MTCIA Dispels Rumor, Reminds Providers of Deadline, and Wishes a Happy Hempfest to All

Hempfest is happening today in Missoula at Cara Park under the bridge. MTCIA President Ed Docter will speak at 4 p.m. The MTCIA is sponsoring the after-party at the Top Hat at 10 pm. $5 at the door. Music by Last International and Voodoo Horseshoes. Giveaways.

And now a little business – A rumor that’s been floating around is that the injunction on SB 423 secured by MTCIA attorney Jim Goetz expires on September 30. This is not true.

If signature collection for IR–124 reaches the 15% benchmark, SB 423 would be suspended until the 2012 ballot and the lawsuit would become unnecessary. The more likely scenario of an outcome where the 5% benchmark is reached would mean SB 423 is placed on the ballot. However, SB 423 as enjoined by the judge would still be in effect.

Meaning, things will be as they are today in regards to the laws governing the system.

October 1, however, is a deadline for one of the provisions in SB 423. To be in compliance with SB 423, providers must send a copy of their fingerprints to DPHHS by this date. Providers should get a notice in the mail from DPHHS with instructions.

So, the lawsuit is still in play and the source of what enables the system to function. This will remain the case under the 5% benchmark scenario. Everything does not shut down on Sept. 30 regardless of the outcome of the IR–124 referendum effort.

Meanwhile, don’t forget to stop by Hempfest and the after-party if you’re in Missoula.

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