MTCIA Announces Dates For November Membership Meetings & the Chamber of Commerce’s Upcoming Webinar

Meetings will run from 7:15 p.m. till 9:00 p.m. Any changes in time or location will be announced in advance. These meeting are for MTCIA members. If you are not currently a member and would like to become one, please arrive at 7 pm to sign up.


Monday, November 14
Glacier View VFW 330 1st Ave West


Tuesday, November 15

Top Hat, 134 West Front St.


Wednesday, November 16
Best Western 1325 North 7th Avenue


Thursday, November 17
Red Door Lounge 3875 Grand Avenue

You might also want to check out the Montana Chamber of Commerce’s response to the success of Patients for Reform Not Repeal in getting SB 423 placed on the November 2012 ballot and how they characterize the citizens who utilize medical cannabis and those who serve them. On November 9, they are hosting a webinar to discuss the developments in Montana in regards to medical cannabis.

They say: “Over the past few years, medical marijuana has exploded in Montana in a way that has had negative impact in several areas – schools, neighborhoods, local governments and especially the workplace. As the number of cardholders peaked in 2010 to over 30,000, employers increasingly found themselves dealing with workplace safety issues, drug testing, discrimination lawsuits, and questions over hiring and firing.”

If you know business owners in your community who are members of the Chamber, ask them if manufactured hysteria and working against the interests of the voters is why they joined.

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