Month: November 2011

MTCIA Comments on U.S. Attorney Guidelines for Federal Raids

November 27, 2011 News

There are guidelines for federal marijuana prosecutions? Apparently so. This is good news as many medical cannabis businesses are eager to comply with the rules that they are informed of. Cal NORML has obtained a February 2011 memo outlining the California U.S. Attorneys’ guidelines for federal medical marijuana prosecutions in California. As U.S. Attorneys get Read More »

MTCIA Gives Thanks & Welcomes New Board Member

November 24, 2011

The MTCIA extends its thanks to all those who participate in the effort to bring the truth about cannabis to light in society. We thank the patients willing to share their stories in order to educate the public. Thanks to all those on the front lines as providers, risking much for the sake of their Read More »

MTCIA’s Single-Issue Voter Campaign

November 19, 2011

As our members know, we’ve been talking about a single-issue voter campaign since August and have surveyed members as to whether or not they think they will be single issue voters in the next campaign. We’ve initiated steps to educate people on what single-issue voting means, created materials, and took them with us to the Read More »

MTCIA Comments on This Week’s Raids

November 18, 2011 News

Federal raids have again shut down Montana medical marijuana dispensing centers. Hundreds of patients are now added to the list of the 19,000 patients without providers.  These patients of raided providers have 10 days to tell the state who their new provider is.  But provider numbers have dropped from 4000 to 400 since May and Read More »

MTCIA Finishes Week on the Road

November 18, 2011

The MTCIA has been on the road for community meetings during yet another intense week in Montana. More federal raids. (We had some incorrect information that A Kind Caregiver was local law enforcement, not feds. This was incorrect.) The law passed by the legislature, SB 423, was essentially repeal of medical marijuana in Montana. Our Read More »

MTCIA Reports on Montana Chamber of Commerce Webinar

November 14, 2011 Events

Last week, the MTCIA participated in the Chamber of Commerce webinar on the new marijuana laws passed during the 2011 legislature and on employer concerns about medical marijuana use. Participants were muted for the webinar but could send in questions. The lion’s share of the hour-long meeting was about concerns regarding access – access to Read More »

MTCIA Members Report from the Drug Policy Alliance Conference

November 9, 2011 Events

A Montana delegation of 13 MTCIA members attended the Drug Policy Alliance conference in Los Angeles last week. Below are some standout impressions, themes, quotes, and ideas that our people took away from the event.   The point isn’t to win the war on drugs, but to end it. The movement is multi-generational, multi-racial, and Read More »

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