MTCIA Finishes Week on the Road

The MTCIA has been on the road for community meetings during yet another intense week in Montana. More federal raids. (We had some incorrect information that A Kind Caregiver was local law enforcement, not feds. This was incorrect.)

The law passed by the legislature, SB 423, was essentially repeal of medical marijuana in Montana. Our challenge to the law, the MTCIA vs. the State of Montana, resulted in having several provisions of the legislation temporarily enjoined and allowed for continued access albeit under a clunky, dysfunctional law.

Nonetheless, we do have a law. But the feds seem unwilling to allow Montana to test our own law. If these businesses were in violation of SB 423, their penalties should be those penalties outlined in SB 423.

Why won’t the federal government allow Montana law enforcement to enforce Montana law? Why isn’t local law enforcement, state leaders, and our elected representatives standing up for state law?  How can the citizens continue with the pretense that we have any rights whatsoever to set policy for our own state?

The feds are shutting down the laboratories of democracy.  Perhaps the experiment is over. Democracy lost.

More later.

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