MTCIA Gives Thanks & Welcomes New Board Member

The MTCIA extends its thanks to all those who participate in the effort to bring the truth about cannabis to light in society.

We thank the patients willing to share their stories in order to educate the public.

Thanks to all those on the front lines as providers, risking much for the sake of their patient-consumers, and also risking much for a principle and for what is right.

Thanks to all the advocates and to all the family members and friends of those working to reverse the detrimental lies.

Thanks to those businesses, too, who have done the lion’s share of providing the financial resources in Montana that allow for the system to exist at all through their support of the lawsuit.

Happy Thanksgiving to all and join us in welcoming new board member, Nicole French. Nicole has been active in Montana politics for fifteen years. She advocates for individual liberties, state’s rights, and an end to unconstitutional federal intrusion. She is also co-founder of montanafesto, a Montana political commentary website dedicated to the promotion of commonsense drug policy reform, education, and exposing hypocrisy in elected officials. She was also a key player on the team to get IR 124 on the ballot.

Welcome aboard!

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