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December 2011

MTCIA Lawsuit Update & Holiday Message from Billings

Late last month, the state of Montana filed its appeal of the temporary injunction against provisions in SB 423 secured last summer in the MTCIA vs. the State of Montana. Highlights of the state’s argument against the injunction: The right to pursue employment is limited to lawful activities and commercially selling marijuana is illegal under Montana and federal law. There “is no right to pursue health free of government regulations.” The “right to privacy encompasses the right to make medical decisions [...]

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MTCIA Asks Patients to Use their Power

Medical cannabis patients are often forced to emphasize their vulnerabilities in order to prove their worthiness to access a botanical that offers them relief. Their “worthiness” is measured by legislators' perceived degree of patient suffering rather than whether or not cannabis is effective for their condition.  This requirement to emphasize a vulnerability, however, belies patients’ strength, courage, and power. Patients were the front lines for challenging the myths and lies on which the marijuana prohibition industries were built. Currently, in Montana, if [...]

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MTCIA Announces December Membership Meetings/Holiday Parties

Meetings will run from 7:15 p.m. till 9:00 p.m. unless otherwise noted. In recognition of the holidays, this month's gatherings are social and open to non-members.  Helena member meetings to begin early next year. Kalispell Monday, December 12 Glacier View VFW 330 1st Ave This month's meeting will begin at 7:30 PM. It will be a Christmas party with a pot luck and white elephant gift exchange ($5 limit if you'd like to participate). The party will also have an ugly sweater contest with a [...]

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MTCIA Is Thinking About the Numbers

Montana’s population is less than a million. In 2008, we had a 74% election turnout. Fewer than 250,000 votes won a statewide race, or with the same turnout would win a statewide referendum. Are there 250,000 votes in Montana to toss out the unconstitutional wreck of a law (SB 423) passed by the 2011 legislature meant to dismantle medical cannabis access in the state? Are there 250,000 votes to end prohibition of the adult use of cannabis in Montana? Start looking [...]

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