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The recent federal raids of state legitimate medical cannabis providers in Yellowstone County have people across Montana concerned for many reasons. Patients are worried about having safe access to cannabis. While their legal providers are federally raided and being forced to shut down, these patients are left with nowhere to turn for safe, legitimate access to their medicine.

State compliant providers still existing under SB423 are worried about having their businesses shut down and their lives ruined because of federal intrusion and the lack of support from our own government officials, lawmakers and law enforcement. Many people are concerned over our state and local official’s blatant disregard for our existing state law, and Judge Reynolds’ temporary injunction enjoining some of the very worst parts of SB423.

Providers and patients alike believe our state lawmakers and law enforcement officials are supporting federal intrusion when it comes to cannabis and are not doing enough to uphold state law and protect the citizens of Montana. The federal intrusion and intimidation tactics being used on law-abiding citizens MUST STOP!

There are ways to make our voices and concerns known to the powers that be.

Share information and the truth about these raids with as many friends, relatives and co-workers as possible. Write letters and guest opinions to the editor of your local newspaper; make phone calls to your local representatives and law enforcement officials voicing your thoughts and opinions about the federal intrusion, harassment and intimidation and encourage others to do the same.

Links for letters to the editor, and guest opinions to Lee Enterprises and their local affiliates are listed below.  Please note: each newspaper has its own rules for submitting letters, but they do have the tendency to print in proportion to the number they receive on a particular topic.  So the more that they receive, the more likely they are to publish.  Read the directions and submit your letters accordingly.  Please be professional, polite, and ALWAYS proofread before you submit.

Lee Enterprises (general affilliate information)

Bozeman –  The Bozeman Daily Chronicle

Billings –  The Billings Gazette

Butte –  The Montana Standard

Great Falls – Great Falls Tribune

Helena – Independent Record

Hamilton – Ravalli Republic

Kalispell – The Daily Interlake

Missoula – Missoulian

With the real possibility of more federal raids happening in Montana, we need to make our voices heard. Please join with me and take action now. Write letters to the editor; make phone calls to your local and state representatives and law enforcement officials. Help send a clear message to our elected representatives that you will not tolerate their support or encouragement of federal intrusion and intimidation perpetrated upon the citizens of Montana.

Thank you.

Elizabeth Pincolini – Guest Contributor

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