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May 2012

Please Support CI-110

As many of you know, an organization called Montana First is passing around petitions to end marijuana Prohibition in Montana, called CI-110.  This protection will apply not only to medical marijuana patients, but also eliminates marijuana crimes for all responsible adults.  While the MTCIA supports a better regulatory approach for medical marijuana, CI-110 presents the best possible solution at the state level - a Constitutional amendment that would protect everyone from criminal penalties.  Just as important, a Constitutional amendment would prevent [...]

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Post-Hearing Comments from Chris Lindsey

Today the Montana Supreme Court heard arguments from both sides of the controversy in our case.  Jim Molloy represented the State of Montana and Jim Goetz represented the MTCIA and the other plaintiffs. The State of Montana argued that Judge Reynolds in the district court should not have used the standard he used in the process of issuing the injunction.   The State asked the Montana Supreme Court to send the injunction back to the lower court with an order to [...]

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Supreme Court Hearing Tomorrow

The Montana Supreme Court hearing in our case is tomorrow.  It is scheduled to take place at 9:30 a.m. in the court’s chambers on the third floor of the Justice and State Library Building, 215 N. Sanders, in Helena.  The Court has ordered that each side has 30 minutes or less in which to make its oral arguments, and they will be fairly technical in nature.  There will be only two issues in front of the Court:  (1) Did the District [...]

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Important Renewal Information for Providers

Providers who registered between July 1 and October 1 will have a bit of a grace period on their renewal date because DPHHS did not require fingerprints until October 1.  Providers’ expiration dates are based on the date of the last fingerprint background check.  DPHHS will do a mailing to providers to tell them how to renew (which will also include new fingerprint cards) about 4 weeks before their renewal is due.   By way of example:  Say a provider signed up [...]

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A Message From New MTCIA President Chris Lindsey

As many of you have heard, Ed Doctor’s year-long tenure as the president of the MTCIA has come to an end.  Ed has taken the MTCIA’s cause and made it his personal responsibility, and that commitment has made the organization what it is today.  His leadership, insight and humor will be missed.  Ed also resigned his position as a board member so that he can do the important work of starting a Political Action Committee.  The most fundamental change we can [...]

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A Thank You to Representative Rehberg

The MTCIA wishes to thank US Representative Denny Rehberg for standing up for the traditional Montana value of self determination, and for showing his support for Montana citizens facing the imposition of federal policies that hurt our state. We believe Montanan’s should decide for themselves what is best for their own citizens – not the Obama Administration. On May 9, the US House of Representatives considered the Rohrabacher-Hinchey-Farr-McClintock Amendment to the appropriations bill.  This important amendment would have defunded federal enforcement [...]

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Clarification Regarding Recent Request for Donations

Following our most recent blog post on the costs of the lawsuit, there has been a great deal of speculation that we are prepared to abandon our fight against SB423.  This is not the position of the MTCIA, and we have no plans to give up the fight.  Rather, we are simple asking those who have benefited from the lawsuit to contribute to the cost, and nothing more. The lawsuit against the state of Montana for its attempts to destroy the industry is [...]

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Donations and The Future of the Lawsuit

We’ve taken some serious hits from the federal government over the last year (on top of the ones delivered by our own state government).  The recent round of federal indictments and raids has had a seriously detrimental effect on what is remaining of Montana’s medical marijuana industry.  Our state law obviously offers no guarantee of protection from federal intrusion and our State Attorney General, as well as every other state-elected official, all continue to remain mum on the harassment and damage [...]

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