A Thank You to Representative Rehberg

The MTCIA wishes to thank US Representative Denny Rehberg for standing up for the traditional Montana value of self determination, and for showing his support for Montana citizens facing the imposition of federal policies that hurt our state. We believe Montanan’s should decide for themselves what is best for their own citizens – not the Obama Administration.

On May 9, the US House of Representatives considered the Rohrabacher-Hinchey-Farr-McClintock Amendment to the appropriations bill.  This important amendment would have defunded federal enforcement of federal laws in medical cannabis states.  This historic proposal did not pass on a vote of 262 to 163, but our own Representative Denny Rehberg supported the amendment. 

Denny is a house-hold name in the state of Montana. He has served as Montana’s Congressman for six terms. He is a proud American and loves his state. Mr. Rehberg is a loving husband, father, rancher, and a former small business owner. Congressman Rehberg understands what his state needs and knows how to get it done. His knowledge and experience is invaluable. Please help Mr. Rehberg in his campaign for US Senator in November. Visit his site at http://www.dennyrehberg2012.org/ and contribute to his campaign.  Support those leaders who support you!

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