Please Support CI-110

As many of you know, an organization called Montana First is passing around petitions to end marijuana Prohibition in Montana, called CI-110.  This protection will apply not only to medical marijuana patients, but also eliminates marijuana crimes for all responsible adults.  While the MTCIA supports a better regulatory approach for medical marijuana, CI-110 presents the best possible solution at the state level – a Constitutional amendment that would protect everyone from criminal penalties.  Just as important, a Constitutional amendment would prevent the legislature from undoing the will of the people much like we saw with SB423.

We can all see that legalizing marijuana for some, but not others, creates problems. It is only through repealing prohibition that we can ever solve the problem of disparate treatment of cannabis users.  Prohibition didn’t work with alcohol, and it isn’t working now with marijuana. The voters should have their say on this issue, too.  Montana was the first state to repeal alcohol Prohibition, and it can be the first state to repeal marijuana prohibition too.

Montana First can use your help.  There will be a big push for signatures on Tuesday, June 5 during Primary Day in Montana.  Montana First is planning to have signature-gatherers at each polling place on that day to talk with as many qualified voters as possible about signing the petition.  Montana First is paying all signature gatherers $12/hr for their efforts on Primary Day.  We would like to ask you to help and dedicate part of your day to this important cause.  Please call 1-800-556-0182 and become part of the solution.  Now is the time to help!

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