Updated: Vigil for Richard Flor

As many of you know, Richard Flor passed away on August 30th while in federal custody.  Flor was the first registered caregiver in the state of Montana.  Flor, along with his wife and son, were serving time in prison as a result of their involvement with Montana Cannabis.  He suffered from many ailments that included dementia and diabetes.  He also broke several bones while falling out of bed onto the concrete prison floor.  Despite the Federal Bureau of Prisons having provisions for compassionate release, District Judge Charles Lovell chose to sentence him to 5 years in federal prison.  After weeks of delays, he was finally transferred to a federal prison, a place that could have been able to provide him with adequate medical care.  Richard Flor never made it there.  He experienced two massive heart attacks while on a layover in Las Vegas.

A candlelight vigil in honor of Richard Flor will be held tomorrow in Helena from 8AM to 9PM in front of the Federal Courthouse at 901 Front Street.  A press conference will held at 1PM.  Tomorrow is significant because Tom Daubert will be sentenced and Chris Lindsey will be changing his plea in the very same courthouse.  Come show your support for the Flor family, as well as Tom and Chris.  Please dress nicely and be respectful.

Update:  Tom and Chris will not be at the same courthouse.  They will be in Missoula tomorrow before Judge Dana Christensen.  Richard Flor was sentenced in Helena by Judge Charles Lovell.  To clarify, this is not a MTCIA-sponsored function.  We are just helping to spread the word.


If you would like to send a letter of condolence to Richard’s family, you can send them to the following addresses:


Sherry Flor, Inmate #11358046

Federal Prison Camp

37930 N. 45th Ave

Phoenix, Arizona 85086


Justin Flor

1010 Main Street

Miles City, MT 59301

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