Message from Chris Lindsey on Chris Williams’ Trial

As many of you know, I was charged with several federal offenses related to work I did while at a company called Montana Cannabis. All of the original partners in Montana Cannabis have pled guilty to various federal charges related to medical marijuana activity except for Chris Williams, and his trial started today. I and several others related to the business were subpoenaed to testify today and did so in Helena. Chris’ attorney may yet call me back to testify further. I have written an MTCIA blog post about my involvement in the company and why I decided to plead guilty, but unfortunately I cannot post it until the trial is over, which may take several days (Chris’ attorney thinks it will take a full week). Once the trial has wrapped up, I will post my own story here so that members of the MTCIA can see what I did and what my reasons were for the decisions I made. I have always been an open book with respect to my work as a caregiver, and later as an advocate, and will continue answer all questions asked.

In the mean time, I ask that we all remain focused on defeating SB423, and I will post more information about the legal case any my involvement as soon as I can do so.

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