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October 2012

Show Your Opposition to SB423 on Facebook

Social media is an outstanding tool to get the word around quickly among friends and family. Show your opposition to our broken medical marijuana law by posting and sharing these images with your friends on Facebook or other social media site.

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Kim Gillan, Democratic Candidate for Congress

Kim Gillan, the Democratic Candidate for US Congress, was one of the few politicians willing to stand up for our state's patients and for personal liberties in last year's disaster of a state legislative session. Her comments were some of the most inspiring I heard during the Republican legislature's effort to repeal the will of the people and overturn I-148. She is now running to represent our state in the US House of Representatives, and we need strong leaders who know [...]

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Honk and Waive Outside Tester Rally in Butte a Big Success

Special thanks to everyone who participated in a "honk and waive" outside the rally for Senator Jon Tester in Butte yesterday. MTCIA volunteers and Hiedi Hanford from Let's Connect USA had a great time getting the word out holding up signs and passing out literature educating voters on the vote coming up on November 6. The MTCIA was both impressed and grateful that John Tester’s own campaign staff came out and met with members to take bumper stickers to pass them around [...]

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Montana Judge Acknowledges Failure of Medical Marijuana Law – Issues Restraining Order

(October 25 - Helena, MT) For a second time, District Court Judge James P. Reynolds issued a Temporary Restraining Order blocking key provisions of the state’s medical marijuana law. The current law limits providers to no more than 3 patients, and prohibits providers from receiving “anything of value” from patients for their services. If the law were in full effect, very few providers could continue to operate, and the vast majority of the approximately 8,300 patients currently in the state program [...]

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Judge Reynolds Issues Temporary Restraining Order – Offers State’s Patients a Reprieve!

Success! District Court Judge Reynolds issued a Temporary Restraining Order late today, as requested by the MTCIA through their attorney Jim Goetz. The provisions of SB423 which limit providers to no more than 3 patients and prohibit patients from providing anything of value to providers are now temporarily blocked from enforcement by the State. This effectively undoes the effect of the Supreme Court's decision earlier in the week which overturned these provisions in the original injunction. As a result, DPHHS will [...]

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Judge Reynolds Unwilling to Issue Temporary Restraining Order… for Now

Following the Supreme Court ruling yesterday, our case is now back before district court in Helena. Our attorney Jim Goetz filed a motion for a Temporary Restraining Order this morning to keep the state from enforcing SB423's limit of 3 or fewer patients for providers and the ban on any form of compensation for back-end agricultural costs and overhead. He also asked for a new injunction which would reinstate the portions of the injunction overturned by the Montana Supreme Court. The [...]

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Montana Supreme Court Denies Motion for Rehearing in Medical Marijuana Case

(October 23, Helena) The Montana Supreme Court today denied a motion filed by the Montana Cannabis Industry Association in its constitutional challenge of the state’s medical marijuana law. The motion asked the Supreme Court to reconsider a recent decision overturning significant parts of a lower court’s injunction against the law. As a result of the September 11 ruling overturning the injunction, the provisions in the current medical marijuana that limit providers to no more than 3 patients and prohibit them from [...]

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Special Thanks to Senator Jeff Essmann and Safe Communities Safe Kids for a Job Well Done

Our political opponents attempted a publicity stunt yesterday that backfired in the most spectacular fashion. It is not often a group calls a secret press conference and promptly self-destructs at the microphone - but that is exactly what happened yesterday at Jake's Steaks in Billings. Patients for Reform, Not Repeal put out a radio ad that indicated Senator Essmann recognized the failure of his own law and thought it needed to be changed. (I have not actually heard the ad because [...]

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Efforts Underway to Keep the Montana Medical Marijuana Program Alive

As many of you know, the recent Montana Supreme Court decision in the MTCIA lawsuit challenging the constitutionality of the current medical marijuana law is now being reconsidered by the Court. Our attorney, Jim Goetz, filed a Petition for Rehearing on September 25. The state’s Attorney General filed a response on October 9. The matter is now being reconsidered by the Supreme Court, and we do not know when a decision will be rendered. While it is possible a decision may [...]

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The Myth of the Return of the Wild, Wild West

Much is being made by supporters of SB423 that a return to I-148 (the state’s former medical marijuana law) represents a return to the fabled days of the “wild wild west.” It seems like neither Senator Jeff Essmann nor the lobbying group Safe Communities, Safe Kids can talk about the repeal of SB423 without trying to scare voters with this fictional boogieman. The reality is that I-148 is not as vague as they would have the voters believe, and our own [...]

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Patients for Reform, Not Repeal Responds to Bad Journalism in Billings Gazette

The following was posted on the Patients for Reform website earlier today: Don't Let Lazy Press Mislead You On SB 423 October 15, 2012 Here's is how the Billings Gazette is defining the decision over SB 423: "Voting 'for' means supporting the changes that have curbed medical marijuana businesses over the past year. Voting 'against' means going back to the original, voter-approved 2004 law that allowed medical marijuana businesses to flourish." Here is how Montana Public Radio is defining the decision [...]

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“Code of the West” Documentary Now Available Online

Drug policy reform continues to make national headlines, but reasoned, bipartisan dialogue on the issues is increasingly rare. Now, CODE OF THE WEST captures the human story behind the legislative process of state-level marijuana policy reform, revealing with nuance and compassion the fight for and against medical marijuana legalization in Montana. Now you can watch the film online for $5! Purchase a individual stream of the film at (scroll to the bottom of the page for the $5 individual stream [...]

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National Marijuana Business Conference in November

The first annual National Marijuana Business Conference is an event focused on business, financial and legal concerns for medical marijuana industry professionals. There will be keynotes from Rob Kampia of the Marijuana Policy Project, Steve DeAngelo from Harborside Health Center and lots of break-out sessions by speakers from across the country. The conference will be held on the 8th and 9th of November in Denver. Topics range from infused products, new mmj products, best practices, testing labs, and overviews on legislation [...]

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State Attorney General’s Office Responds to Petition for Rehearing

The state's Attorney General's office responded to the MTCIA's motion for rehearing by filing its "Objection to Petition for Rehearing" yesterday, October 9. According to the Supreme Court's online docket, it now considers the matter officially submitted for determination. We are unable to say how long it will take the Court to render its decision. The arguments between the MTCIA and the Attorney General are fairly technical. The MTCIA argued that it was simply speaking to the issue on appeal: whether [...]

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IR-124 Under Attack on Radio – Bullock Says He’ll Vote Against IR-124

This went out earlier today from Patients for Reform. HELENA, Oct. 10 – No poll shows IR-124 with majority support, and the new law now faces two new hurdles to approval by the voters this year. Patients for Reform, Not Repeal has begun its second radio advertising campaign with a new spot, entitled “Running Away,” which points to the measure’s weak voter support and even opposition from the Montana Republican Party. The spot notes that Sen. Jeff Essman, sponsor of SB [...]

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Chris Lindsey’s Follow Up on the Chris Williams Trial – Why I Decided to Plead Guilty

I thought it was about time to follow up on my previous post about Chris Williams' trial. The decision to plead guilty, and ultimately be compelled to testify, came down to a few key factors for me, and I relied on several family members and friends during the course of the last year to help me in make this decision. Here are a few things that tipped the scale in my mind, in no particular order. 1. One of the hallmarks [...]

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Safe Communities Safe Kids Distorts the Truth – Again

The group Safe Communities, Safe Kids was the strongest supporter of complete repeal of the voter-approved medical marijuana law during the last legislative session, and worked against all forms of regulation and a workable system for Montana citizens. When complete repeal became impossible, they encouraged legislators to get as close to repeal as possible. 62% of voters passed the law in 2004 -- and in early 2011, polls showed that 76% supported reform rather than repeal. Their efforts succeeded, and the [...]

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