Judge Reynolds Issues Temporary Restraining Order – Offers State’s Patients a Reprieve!


District Court Judge Reynolds issued a Temporary Restraining Order late today, as requested by the MTCIA through their attorney Jim Goetz. The provisions of SB423 which limit providers to no more than 3 patients and prohibit patients from providing anything of value to providers are now temporarily blocked from enforcement by the State. This effectively undoes the effect of the Supreme Court’s decision earlier in the week which overturned these provisions in the original injunction. As a result, DPHHS will NOT provide notice to the state’s patients stating they no longer have a provider, and providers are likewise not limited by these provisions in the current Marijuana Act.

This is a temporary measure that blocks the full effects of the law until a hearing on a motion for a new injunction. That hearing is set for November 13, 2012 at 9:00 a.m. in the Lewis and Clark County Courthouse.

This is a major, if only temporary, victory for the state’s most vulnerable citizens, and again acknowledges the serious constitutional defects in our current law.

The best solution is to vote AGAINST SB423 on the ballot and overturn this terrible law! Savor the win, and then vote no!

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