Honk and Waive Outside Tester Rally in Butte a Big Success

Special thanks to everyone who participated in a “honk and waive” outside the rally for Senator Jon Tester in Butte yesterday.

MTCIA volunteers and Hiedi Hanford from Let’s Connect USA had a great time getting the word out holding up signs and passing out literature educating voters on the vote coming up on November 6.

The MTCIA was both impressed and grateful that John Tester’s own campaign staff came out and met with members to take bumper stickers to pass them around at the rally. They also sent numerous patients and voters out to talk with volunteers about the bill and the vote. The team got tons of positive feedback from drivers and attendees, and some folks even wanted to take signs back to their businesses and homes!

Volunteers also were on hand for a rally for Steve Bullock yesterday evening, also in Butte.  Lots of politicians and candidates were on hand, and Steve Bullock told attendees to vote against IR-124 along with several other bills appearing on the ballot.

Outstanding work Tawya, Shasta and Julia, and Hiedi from Let’s Connect!

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