Kim Gillan, Democratic Candidate for Congress

Kim Gillan, the Democratic Candidate for US Congress, was one of the few politicians willing to stand up for our state’s patients and for personal liberties in last year’s disaster of a state legislative session. Her comments were some of the most inspiring I heard during the Republican legislature’s effort to repeal the will of the people and overturn I-148.

She is now running to represent our state in the US House of Representatives, and we need strong leaders who know what Montanans want and will stick up for our rights. The only long-term solution to end the federal government’s war on medical marijuana will have to come from D.C., and we need representatives who can fight for us!

Support Kim Gillan for Congress and make a donation to her campaign at this critical time. You can visit her website to learn more and make a contribution at

And vote for Kim Gillan on November 6!

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