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November 2012

Hearing Rescheduled – Temporary Restraining Order Extended

Our attorney received word from the court that our hearing on a new injunction has been rescheduled for December 13, 2012 from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. The Temporary Restraining Order has been extended to that date as well. This means that we are still in exactly the same position, legally, as we have been since this unconstitutional law was put in place in June of last year and our attorney secured the original injunction. PLEASE DONATE to keep this fight [...]

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Word on Extending Temporary Restraining Order Expected Today

As most of you know, the hearing originally scheduled on the restraining order has been vacated and will be scheduled late this month or in December.  Obviously, we want to insure that the Temporary Restraining Order will be extended until that date.  Due to Veterans Day yesterday, the courts in Montana were closed. I spoke with Jim Goetz' office this morning, and they have not heard officially that it has been extended, but Jim believes it will not be an issue. [...]

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MTCIA Case Hearing on New Injunction Rescheduled by Court

I just spoke with the Goetz Law Firm and they have been informed that the date for our hearing is changing. The judge had a conflict and could not hold the hearing as originally scheduled. Jim Goetz, the MTCIA attorney, has responded that the only way we will agree to a change in the schedule is if the Temporary Restraining Order is extended. I understand he does not believe that will be a problem, but we have not gotten confirmation from [...]

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Conference Call Thursday Night

We will have a conference call at 7pm Thursday night for a post-election debriefing as well as to discuss the next steps with the lawsuit. Chris is currently on the road to the National Marijuana Business Conference in Denver or we would have scheduled it tonight. Same number and code as usual. Number: 559-726-1000 Access Code: 1030827

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Patients for Reform Calls It

The following press release was just issued by Patients for Reform: Bob Brigham, campaign manager for the No on IR-124 campaign, issued the following statement upon the apparent adoption of SB 423: "With IR-124, the politicians won and patients lost," Brigham said. "Montanans are clearly sick and tired of debating medical marijuana, when the conversation should be about when and how we're going to end prohibition, just as two states did tonight. "Medical marijuana is complicated because of prohibition. But we [...]

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Early Results In – Still Too Early to Call

Some preliminary voting results on IR-124 have been posted on the Secretary of State's website, but as of 9:00 p.m., the numbers are still too partial to tell us the direction of the vote. Stay tuned, and I will post a follow up as more information comes in.

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Election Day Status Report from Patients for Reform

Patients for Reform just sent out the following message on the status so far today: With the polls closing in six hours, we wanted to give you an update on what we're hearing from our volunteers across Montana. * Turnout has been brisk, but the lines haven't been that long. However, if past elections are any guide, the earlier people vote the less time it will take. * Our volunteers who have been on the phones have been getting great feedback, [...]

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Tools and Information You Can Use on Election Day

The journey that began in 2004 -- when 62% of Montana voters allowed patients safe access to medical marijuana -- continues tomorrow at a polling place near you. Tonight offers one last, great chance for you to connect with friends and family to urge them to reject SB 423 by voting NO on IR-124. One way to reach out to them is with the tools we’re offering here, to help you ensure that your friends do vote. Montana Secretary of State [...]

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Dirty Tricks to Suppress No Vote on SB423 in Billings

Opponents to a no vote on IR-124 resorted to dirty tricks in Billings last night. Dozens of campaign signs in and around the Heights in Billings were removed yesterday. In many instances, the thieves had to trespass onto private property to steal the signs. The only purpose in doing so is to suppress votes opposed to SB423. Its sad that adults feel the need to use such cheap tactics to try and win an election. It should come as no surprise [...]

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What Does the Recent Mason-Dixon Poll Mean for Support for Repeal of SB423?

Absolutely nothing. Many have seen recent poll results published by a right-wing polling company called Mason-Dixon Polling & Research Inc., based out of Washington, D.C.  Several Lee Enterprises newspapers in Montana recently published poll results that suggest we are behind in our race to repeal SB423. Mason Dixon is a nearly useless pollster, and provides misinformation based on bad polling questions to news outlets that like to hear their version of reality. It should come as no surprise to Montanans that Lee [...]

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Pre-Election Message from Patients for Reform – Final Hours to Get the Word Out!

The following message went out to the email list maintained by Patients for Reform earlier today: With the crucial vote on Tuesday, we don't just need you to repeal SB 423 by voting NO on IR-124, we need you to connect with your friends, too. Take some time tonight, call your friends and family in Montana. You know your friends and how best to persuade them to Vote NO on IR-124. And how best to make sure they turn out to [...]

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Honk and Wave in Havre!

Thank you to John, Steve and Kim for attending the Tester/Gillan/Democratic rally in Havre Wednesday. Volunteers covered the front and side doors, and parked a van out front with signs encouraging voters to Vote No on IR-124. Lots of attendees had already voted no, and the volunteers got plenty of support. Attendees who are not affiliated with the MTCIA reported there was a great presence and a good impression on those who attended the rally. Good job, and thanks for getting [...]

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House Speaker Mike Milburn Offers Compelling Argument in Favor of Medical Marijuana Laws in Montana

In a recent interview with Montana Public Television in its news program “From the People: Montana’s 2012 Ballot Measures,” House Speaker Mike Milburn (R-Cascade) offers a compelling argument for state’s rights, directly applicable to medical marijuana in Montana. During the interview, Speaker Milburn says that “States should have certain rights, and when we see those being encroached upon, we do need to push back.” Of the millions of medical marijuana patients around the country, and the over 8000 such patients in [...]

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Honk and Wave in Great Falls Today

The Honk and Waves continued around the state today, and the MTCIA, Hiedi Hanford from Let's Connect USA, Rob McCoy from Hamilton in Senate District 45 and Tim Martin from Great Falls, House District 26, both libertarian candidates, were all in attendance. About 20 people were present for the event, which supported a release for Chris Williams while he awaits sentencing, as well as a no vote on SB423 through the ballot initiative IR-123. Volunteers got a lot of supportive honks [...]

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Honk and Wave in Billings

A "honk and wave" event was held in Billings yesterday with another planned today, November 1st. The event was another great success, and we received tons of support for the repeal SB423. Special thanks to Elizabeth and the 8 other volunteers who were on hand to hold signs, wave at drivers and spread the word that SB423 needs to go. We had a strong presence at the corner of 24th and King, one of the busiest corners in the city. The [...]

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