Honk and Wave in Great Falls Today

The Honk and Waves continued around the state today, and the MTCIA, Hiedi Hanford from Let’s Connect USA, Rob McCoy from Hamilton in Senate District 45 and Tim Martin from Great Falls, House District 26, both libertarian candidates, were all in attendance. About 20 people were present for the event, which supported a release for Chris Williams while he awaits sentencing, as well as a no vote on SB423 through the ballot initiative IR-123.

Volunteers got a lot of supportive honks and positive feedback from the community.  Hiedi did a remote broadcast of her radio show Let’s Connect USA while on site, and television news crews were present from KFBB.  The event ran from 9:00 a.m. until 1:00 p.m., and   volunteers and supporters warmed up at a local coffeehouse after the event.  Rock on!

Thanks to everyone who participated in helping get the word out!

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