Pre-Election Message from Patients for Reform – Final Hours to Get the Word Out!

The following message went out to the email list maintained by Patients for Reform earlier today:

With the crucial vote on Tuesday, we don’t just need you to repeal SB 423 by voting NO on IR-124, we need you to connect with your friends, too.

Take some time tonight, call your friends and family in Montana.

You know your friends and how best to persuade them to Vote NO on IR-124. And how best to make sure they turn out to vote on Tuesday.

So please, call all the 406 numbers saved in your phone. Reach out on email and social media. Just make sure you communicate with as many people as you can.

People talking to their friends and family is how medical marijuana passed so overwhelming in 2004. We need that same energy for 48 more hours!

Thanks, in advance, for making some calls.

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