Tools and Information You Can Use on Election Day

The journey that began in 2004 — when 62% of Montana voters allowed patients safe access to medical marijuana — continues tomorrow at a polling place near you.

Tonight offers one last, great chance for you to connect with friends and family to urge them to reject SB 423 by voting NO on IR-124. One way to reach out to them is with the tools we’re offering here, to help you ensure that your friends do vote.

Montana Secretary of State Linda McCulloch has a great tool that allows people to verify they are registered, find the location and directions to their polling place, check the status of an absentee ballot, and view a personalized sample ballot.

 There are even free iphone and android apps you can install on your smart phone!

Here are a few more things to know:

* It is NOT too late to register to vote. Montanans can register to vote on Election Day, but only at the office of their county elections administrator (or a site designated by their administrator). If you know somebody who needs to register tomorrow, have them contact their county administrator to double-check the location:

* It is too late to mail absentee ballots. They need to arrive by Election Day; a postmark is NOT enough. So please hand-deliver outstanding absentee ballots to your polling place.

* You need to bring ID to the polls. Acceptable forms include a photo ID showing the voter’s name; or a current utility bill, bank statement, paycheck, voter registration confirmation, government check or other government document showing the voter’s name and current address.

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