What Does the Recent Mason-Dixon Poll Mean for Support for Repeal of SB423?

Absolutely nothing.

Many have seen recent poll results published by a right-wing polling company called Mason-Dixon Polling & Research Inc., based out of Washington, D.C.  Several Lee Enterprises newspapers in Montana recently published poll results that suggest we are behind in our race to repeal SB423.

Mason Dixon is a nearly useless pollster, and provides misinformation based on bad polling questions to news outlets that like to hear their version of reality. It should come as no surprise to Montanans that Lee Enterprises is reprinting their poll numbers. Serious politicians – including Republicans – do not hire Mason Dixon or rely on their methodology. Rather, this polling company sells its results to right-leaning news outlets to preach to the choir.

The point of running these numbers is to discourage medical marijuana supporters and embolden our opponents. DO NOT FALL INTO THIS TRAP. Stay focused on the win, get out and vote, and make sure everyone you know votes too. Keep in mind that our opponents are trying to suppress votes this year, and this is one of many tactics to try and do so.

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