Patients for Reform Calls It

The following press release was just issued by Patients for Reform:

Bob Brigham, campaign manager for the No on IR-124 campaign, issued the following statement upon the apparent adoption of SB 423:

“With IR-124, the politicians won and patients lost,” Brigham said. “Montanans are clearly sick and tired of debating medical marijuana, when the conversation should be about when and how we’re going to end prohibition, just as two states did tonight.

“Medical marijuana is complicated because of prohibition. But we all know prohibition doesn’t work. It just wastes police time and tax dollars. We think many Montanans will look around now and say: Enough is enough.”

I want to personally thank all the many participants and supporters in the state’s medical marijuana program for their dedication and hard work over the past several months. For those who are patients, this is a hard blow. For all those who care for patients, they know that very real Montanans with serious medical conditions will be hurt as a result, and that is tough to face. We lost a battle tonight, but the war can only end in victory. History, science and compassion will eventually prevail.

~ Chris Lindsey

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