Documentary CODE OF THE WEST to Include Follow Up on Chris Williams, Richard Flor – With Your Help!

Most of you are probably already familiar with Rebecca Richman Cohen’s award-winning documentary CODE OF THE WEST. You probably also know that one of the main stories in the film is about Chris Williams. Since shooting wrapped up, Chris has since gone to trial and he has been found guilty of 8 felonies. According to the mandatory minimum sentencing for his various charges, he faces at least 85 years in federal prison. Another partner, Richard Flor, recently died in custody on a 5 year sentence.

Rebecca is raising money to update her film to tell more of Chris’ and Richards’ story. Fundraising is taking place on a website called Kickstarter. There’s only 2 days left in the campaign and it’s 75% funded so please pitch in if you can and help this worthy project cross the finish line!

Visit the site at

Thank you!

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