Current Bill to Our Attorney

Jim Goetz has done an outstanding job defending the rights of providers and patients around the state and has, almost single-handedly, kept the program functional. For all the petitions and PR efforts to overturn SB-423, it is has only been through the legal battle that we have seen the program survive every attempt of the legislature to undermine it. We owe him a huge debt of gratitude for his hard work.

We also owe him for his attorneys fees. Our bill currently stands at over $35,000, and it is critical that we pay him what he has earned in this fight. Mr. Goetz has made clear that if we cannot continue to fund his efforts, he will not be able to continue representing us in this case beyond the hearing on Thursday.

Please donate to this cause! For those providers who have been contributing, we are grateful for your willingness to help patients all over the state as well as your own. For the many patients who have contributed, we are sincerely grateful you are willing to help in this battle. For you providers who have been able to comfortably operate your business without contributing to the effort, consider the burden this has placed on your peers while you continue to operate. Now is the time to step up.

Paypal donations can be online here. Checks can be given to your a board member in your area, or sent to our address in Missoula at P.O. Box 9085, Missoula MT 59807.

Thank you for keeping this fight alive!

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