Chris Williams Reaches Deal with US Attorney’s Office

According to news reports, Chris Williams, a Montana medical marijuana caregiver who was charged and convicted of 8 felony counts related to his work at Montana Cannabis has reached a rare “post-conviction” agreement with the US Attorney’s office Helena.

According to a report on CBS affiliate KBZK, the government will drop six of the eight counts and Chris will receive a sentencing recommendation of 5 years in prison. In addition, the government will drop the forfeiture proceeding against his business, Montana Cannabis. Part of the agreement is that Chris will withdraw a motion for an acquittal and he will not seek an appeal of the sentence.

According to the news report, Chris stated “It was not easy for me to give up my Constitutional fight, but as I navigate this complex federal penal system, it has become clear that punishment is the only thing that is guaranteed.”  Earlier this month Chris made history by being the first person to reach the minimum number of signatures needed to successfully petition the White House to respond to his sentence, which at a mandatory minimum of 92 years, grossly exceeded any measure of justice.

Chris is scheduled for sentencing on January 4 in Missoula, however it is not clear if that date will change as a result of this development.

The report from KBZK can be found at:

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