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January 2013

Update on HB242 Hearing

For the the background of HB242, see the post below. Suffice it to say HB242 did not do well at the hearing this morning. While the MTCIA did not take a public position on the bill for the reasons previously discussed, plenty of others did, and it wasn't favorable. The opponents greatly outnumbered the proponents. The primary complaint is that for many (most?) employers, the current law works, and this proposed change would create a lot of unknowns and potentially get [...]

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House Bill 242 Under Consideration

House Bill 242 is being considered today in front of committee. This bill would make changes to the law related to drug and alcohol testing in the workplace. For those watching marijuana-related issues at the Capitol this year, the key change is that the definition of "dangerous drug" would be amended from "a dangerous drug, as defined in 49 CFR, part 40, except a drug used pursuant to a valid prescription or as authorized by law" to "any substance defined as [...]

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Think Running a Marijuana Business is Tough in Montana?

At least you aren't in Connecticut. According to proposed rules just released by the State of Connecticut, applications could run as high as $100,000, the state is only required to issue one dispensary license for the entire state, and applicants have to be licensed pharmacists. Cultivation centers (separate from dispensaries) have to place $2 million dollars in an escrow account directly accessible by the state if the business runs into problems. Both dispensaries and cultivation centers have to submit detailed business [...]

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Thank You to Goetz, Baldwin & Geddes P.C.

I just sent this to Goetz, Baldwin & Geddes P.C., the law firm who represents the MTCIA in our suit against the state: I am now a few days overdue thanking you for the outstanding work on this case. As an attorney, I can appreciate just how challenging it has been to beat the oddsmakers on overcoming a rational basis test standard, and you guys nailed it. You have quite literally helped thousands of patients around the state and, singlehandedly, saved [...]

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THC-based DUI Bill Considered Today

Impaired driving is stupid and dangerous, and protecting Montanans from impaired driving is a good idea. But not all approaches are equal, and some, while good intentioned, can cause more harm than good. House Bill 168 was up for public comment today at the Capitol. This bill, introduced by Republican Rep. Doc Moore of Missoula, would establish a per se form of DUI that is specific to detectable amounts of THC in the bloodstream. There are two types of DUI offenses. [...]

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Jason Washington Found Guilty on Two of Three Charges

The jury returned a verdict late today finding Jason Washington, former owner of a dispensary in Missoula, guilty on two of three counts against him in federal court. He was found guilty of conspiracy to manufacture and distribute marijuana and possession with intent to distribute marijuana. The jury found him not guilty of the third charge, possession of a firearm in furtherance of drug trafficking crime. Jason was not taken into custody, and he was allowed to leave the courthouse on [...]

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Rep. Kelly McCarthy to Introduce Several Important MMJ Bills

Representative Kelly McCarthy, (D) Billings, is in the process of assembling four key bills for medical marijuana patients and providers. Mr. McCarthy has crafted a series of bills that would permanently change our current medical marijuana law and bring it into conformity with the injunction Judge Reynolds put in place. Each one, in turn, removes the limitation on the number of patients per caregiver, allows them to receive (gasp!) compensation for their services, relieves recommending physicians from the threat of an [...]

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MTCIA’s Lobbying Efforts Underway

The association's efforts to make positive change in our state laws are now underway at the Capitol. Board member and physician Pat Pardis has kindly taken on the responsibility of lobbying on our behalf. Pat has a great deal of experience working in government and he is a real asset to our effort. He plans on being at the Capitol 3 or 4 days each week to meet with legislators as needed. There are dozens of bills we are currently watching, [...]

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MTCIA Changes Its Name

Some of you may have noticed our logo recently changed to the Montana Cannabis Information Association, removing the term "industry" from out name. There are several reason we made this change. First and foremost, it is because the only marijuana "industry" in our state is the ever-successful and thriving black market. The handful of individual medical marijuana providers working for patients in our state are simply not an industry by any stretch of the term. There are still some mom-and-pop small [...]

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The Injunction is Back!

In a decision handed down late today, Judge Reynolds in MTCIA et al., v. State of Montana, ordered that a preliminary injunction should again be in place in order to protect medical marijuana patients from irreparable harm. This means that medical marijuana providers may (1) have more than 3 patients and (2) receive compensation for their service. The specific parts of the current medical marijuana law that have been BLOCKED by the court order are as follows: 50-46-308, MCA (3) (a) [...]

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Donations Appreciated for Lori Burnam’s Family

Thank you, on behalf of Lori's family, for the outpouring of support after her passing yesterday. For those who can offer a small donation to help the family with expenses, the family would be most grateful. Donations can be sent to: The Burnam Family 103 West Cooper Lane Hamilton MT 59840 Checks should be made payable to Trevor Burnam. Thank you everyone. Chris

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Thank you Lori

I am very sad to report that Lori Burnam passed yesterday at 2:20 p.m. She was surrounded by loved ones when she had to go. Lori was a bright light and a joy to be around. Was a warrior who fought for what she believed in despite the toll it took on her. At over 60, she took the task improving the medical marijuana laws in our state as her personal responsibility and had a very real impact on our state [...]

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Please Pray for Lori Burnam

I just heard that Lori Burnam's health has taken a bad turn, and family and friends fear it is a turn for the worst. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Lori Burnam is one of the most recognized medical marijuana patients in Montana. She was featured in the film Code of the West and she also testified in the initial hearing in the MTCIA lawsuit over a year and half ago. Most recently, she made [...]

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