Please Pray for Lori Burnam

I just heard that Lori Burnam’s health has taken a bad turn, and family and friends fear it is a turn for the worst. Please keep her in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

Lori Burnam is one of the most recognized medical marijuana patients in Montana. She was featured in the film Code of the West and she also testified in the initial hearing in the MTCIA lawsuit over a year and half ago. Most recently, she made the demanding road trip from her home in Hamilton to Helena to testify on behalf of the MTCIA a second time in our case. We are all saddened to hear that her health has deteriorated since that trip and she is now gravely ill.

Once we hear more about her condition, we will share what the family feels is appropriate. Lori’s efforts on behalf of all medical marijuana patients, especially given her age and physical condition, have been truly heroic and she has earned our everlasting gratitude and respect for what she has done for all of us.

We love you Lori.


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