Rep. Kelly McCarthy to Introduce Several Important MMJ Bills

Representative Kelly McCarthy, (D) Billings, is in the process of assembling four key bills for medical marijuana patients and providers.

Mr. McCarthy has crafted a series of bills that would permanently change our current medical marijuana law and bring it into conformity with the injunction Judge Reynolds put in place. Each one, in turn, removes the limitation on the number of patients per caregiver, allows them to receive (gasp!) compensation for their services, relieves recommending physicians from the threat of an investigation into their practice, and eliminates warrantless police searches for providers simply for being providers.

These bills will soon be before a committee for a hearing and we want to support a “yes” vote to get them to the floor of the House. It helps us considerably that Judge Reynolds recently put the injunction back in place. Its time to use this momentum!

If you are interested in providing testimony when a hearing is scheduled, please let us know. As we did during the hearing on the injunction, we want to focus on testimony that highlights what impact the current law will have if it were in effect. Rather than continuing the legal battles in court, we want the legislature to fix this problem and move on.

Representative McCarthy deserves our thanks and support for standing up on this important issue!

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