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February 2013

Response to Concerns about State of Medical Marijuana Law in Montana

This is a long post folks, but an important one.  Last week we received the following comment which expresses deep concern about SB423.  I wanted to offer a formal response and go into some detail: "If the injunction does not become permanent through law.. the State will  appeal.. And when the supreme court rules against the district court( and they MOST CERTAINLY WILL!!!) again Medical Marijuana in Montana could be devastated ! That is why we must act now! It is clear that [...]

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Adding PTSD to the List of Qualifying Medical Conditions

Senator Dave Wanzenreid is working on LC0250, which is a bill that would add PTSD to the list of qualifying conditions for a medical marijuana card in the state. We need your help to support this important bill. We are looking for supporters who are willing to send email messages to their own state representatives. We are also looking for veterans who may be able to testify on behalf of this bill when it is before the committee. If would like [...]

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