Message From President Mort Reid

Dear members:

My name is Mort Reid and I am the newly-elected President of the Montana Cannabis Information
Association (MTCIA).

As some of you are aware, there is a renewed interest on the part of the Attorney General’s Office to
resume scheduling of a trial relative to the injunction of several provisions of SB 423. MTCTA’s lawsuit
and subsequent injunction has been the ONLY saving grace for the medical marijuana community since
the 2011 legislature attempted to kill the industry with SB 423.

We have been represented by the Goetz Law Firm on this issue since 2011. Mr. Goetz’s team has done
an outstanding job of keeping the wolves away from our doors since the summer of 2011 via
injunctions that prevents SB 423 from taking full effect. Without Mr. Goetz’s representation. Most of the
providers in Montana would be out of business and cardholders would lose access to their medicine.

Mr. Goetz has recently asked that we get current on our outstanding debt (approximately $26,000 as of today) and pay a $50,000.00 retainer fee PRIOR to the pre-conference hearing. I had a phone conversation with Mr. Goetz last Friday. Mr. Goetz agreed to work with us on the retainer fee if we could pay the balance within one month. Mr. Goetz is very optimistic that the trial will go in our favor and
the injunction will remain in place. The bottom line is that we need to pay the attorney a.s.a.p.

I just met with some of the providers and cardholders from the Bozeman area last Tuesday. Special
thanks to Randy Warburton and Denise Zielie for helping to arrange the meeting. I am still trying to
sort through some of the input and criticisms that we received during the meeting. Communications
seems to be at the root of most of the comments that we heard. We are working feverishly to get our
content completed on our updated website. We also have a new bookkeeper and will have monthly
treasurer reports to those who request it. I felt that it was a productive meeting and will endeavor to stay
informed as to the needs of our colleagues in the western part of the state.

We will be primarily focusing on fundraising for the next few months and in that vane I hope to meet
with some of the providers from the Missoula and Kalispell areas in the near future.

Those of you wishing to make donations by MAIL can send them to:


Attention: Elizabeth

PO Box 50762
Billings, MT 59105


ONLINE donations can be made by accessing MTCTA.ORG and clicking on LAWSUIT DONATIONS

Yours in solidarity,

Mort Reid

President, MTCIA

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