MTCIA Board Elects Mort Reid as President!

The board of the MTCIA welcomes and congratulates Mort Reid to serve as president of the association.  “I am thrilled at the opportunity and look forward to the challenge,” said Mort, who has been an active and staunch advocate for medical marijuana patients and providers in Billings for several years.  The board vote was unanimous, and Mort officially took the position May 3.  He wasted no time and conducted a meeting and fundraiser in Bozeman earlier this week.

Mort follows two previous presidents, Ed Docter and Chris Lindsey, who each served for a year. Please join us in welcoming Mort!

MTCIA Raised $230,000 for Lawsuit, But More to Go

Since the current lawsuit against the State of Montana began in May 2011, the MTCIA has raised over $230,000 in legal fees.  The lawsuit is being handled by Jim Goetz, a prominent Bozeman-based attorney and noted constitutional lawyer.  He has been successful in twice winning injunctions to prevent some of the worst parts of the state’s current medical marijuana law from going into effect.  The court recently signaled it was prepared to move forward with the case.

The current outstanding bill is $28,349.59, and Mr. Goetz has asked for another $50,000 in order to see the case through the final hearing.  We must all pull together to keep our attorney paid or risk ending the case, in which event the court is likely to lift the injunction.

If the injunction is lifted, providers will not be able to receive anything of value from patients, they will be limited to three patients total, doctors will be audited by the Board of Medical Examiners if they recommend marijuana to more than 25 patients each year, and providers will be subject to warrantless searches by law enforcement.  Please make every effort to contribute to this important cause!  DPHHS has estimated that over 5,000 patients in the state will be without a provider if the full effect of the law falls on our state’s neediest citizens.

Those of you wishing to make donations by mail can send them to:


Attention: Elizabeth

PO Box 50762
Billings, MT 59105

Online donations can be made through PayPal by accessing MTCTA.ORG
and clicking on LAWSUIT DONATIONS


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