Trial Date Set – Mort to be in Butte & Kalispell This Week

Dear Members

Finally some good news to report! Our attorney Jim Goetz had a pretrial scheduling conference last Friday in Helena. Our upcoming hearing is scheduled for May 20, 2014. We have nearly a full year the status quo before we need to start sweating over more GOP – led assaults on the cannabis community in Montana. We certainly should use that time to find candidates that are more progressive minded than the ideologues we have dealt with in the past two legislative sessions. We need legislative representatives that care about the needs of their constituents rather that the right wing throw backs from the dark ages that have done everything possible to sabotage patients’ access to cannabis in Montana.

I had the privilege to attend the Billings Chapter meeting last Thursday. State Senator Dave Wazenreid also attended the meeting. Senator Wazenreid is, himself, a cancer survivor and is very sympathetic to the plight of sick and elderly pain sufferers in Montana, Senator Wazenreid indicated his willingness to our organization toward developing outreach programs that would benefit many needy Montanans, especially our military veterans. His experience in the legislative process would be invaluable to our organization toward that end.

I will be in Butte this Wednesday June 12 @ 7pm – 709 Utah Ave

On Thursday evening @ &7:30pm I will be in Kalispell at 330 1st Ave. West.

I look forward to meeting patients and providers in the Butte and Kalispell areas and discussing the lawsuit and other issues that may arise during the Q & A session of our meetings.

Yours in Solidarity

Mort Reid

President MTCIA

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