Dear Members:

There will be a statewide MTCIA-sponsored meeting scheduled for Monday, May 26, at the La Quinta Inn at 6:00 pm. in Butte. This is a very important informational and planning meeting designed to prepare the medical cannabis industry for the upcoming legislature. The topics for discussion will be:

A. Reorganization of MTCIA

B. Legislative bill draft items

We have 1 hour allotted for discussion of agenda items followed by 1 hour of Q & A. If you are a medical cannabis provider, your future livelihood is at stake. If you are a medical cannabis cardholder, your access to medical cannabis hangs in the balance.

We realize that Monday is the Memorial Day holiday and many of you have family events planned. We tried to plan this meeting so that the maximum number of people could have time off work to attend on such short notice. There is never a good time to leave your businesses and travel to these events. We chose Butte to host this event due to the central location of the majority of medical cannabis providers in Montana.

The staff of MTCIA were graciously invited to attend a providers’ meeting in Bozeman last week. The providers there were very supportive of MTCIA and pledged $18,000 toward our legal bill with the Goetz Law Firm. We hope the providers in other parts of the state exhibit the same generosity in paying our legal costs which keep us all in business.

We look forward to seeing you at the meeting.

Yours in Solidarity,

Mort Reid

President, MTCIA




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