Dear Members:


On Friday, the US House of Representatives passed an historic amendment to defund DEA raids on medical marijuana establishments in states that have medical marijuana laws. This was a bipartisan vote with several Republicans, including House Representative, Steve Daines from Montana, joining the effort to rein in the DEA. The fate of the amendment now lies with the Senate, where, if passed, goes to the desk of the President for his signature. Now would be a good time to place a call to Senators Tester and Walsh urging their support for this very important amendment. Also, please consider calling Steve Daines and thanking him for his vote supporting this amendment.


When this amendment passes the Senate and is signed into law, it will usher in a new era where the DEA will no longer be free to conduct raids on medical marijuana establishments legally operating under state law. We will keep you updated when the amendment nears a vote in the Senate. We hope to see you in Butte on Saturday, June 7.


Yours in Solidarity,


Mort Reid

President, MTCIA



Senator Tester:  202-224-2644

Senator Walsh: 202-224-2651

Rep. Daines: 202-224-3121

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