Dear Members,

The statewide conference on  August 23  will not be open to the general public. It will be for dues-paying members only. If you are currently a medical marijuana provider, it is highly recommended that you attend this meeting. We will choose the direction this industry will go by selecting the business model that will shape the future of medical marijuana in Montana. MTCIA  is currently engaged in talks with Montana Legislators that will impact EVERY MEDICAL MARIJUANA PROVIDER in the State of Montana. The future of our industry is on the line. If you are a medical marijuana provider who has not joined MTCIA, this is your last opportunity to join and help shape the future of our industry. We need your input and assistance in building strong relationships with current lawmakers and community leaders. The success of our mission to pass a workable medical marijuana bill will not be determined by MTCIA alone. We will succeed only with your commitment to helping educate the lawmakers and community leaders in your area. Please plan to attend this very important conference.

Yours in Solidarity,

Mort Reid

President, MTCIA

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